Limited Stay Permit (KITAS) Indonesia – Allowed Activities

Activities Allowed under a Short and a Long Term Limited Stay Permit (KITAS)

Limited Stay Permit IndonesiaOn March 12, 2016, PNB Immigration Law Firm provided a new immigration column to the investment website indonesia-investments.com. In this weeks’ column we discuss the activities allowed under a Limited Stay Permit for a short term (1-6 months) and for a long term (7 months up to 1 year for foreign employees and up to 2 years for foreign directors, commissioners and investors).

A short term Limited Stay Permit is only allowed for a limited type of activity, such as production quality control, audits, or inspections at the company’s branch offices in Indonesia, after-sales services and installing and repairing machinery. A detailed description of all activities can be found in the full version of the column

A long term Limited Stay Permit are open for all activities, as long these activities are not restricted by legislation (such as HR activities).

The full version of the column can be read at indonesia-investments.com.

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