Electronic Immigration Stamps For Foreigners Introduced

Electronic Immigration Stamps Introduced by MLHR Regulation 28/2018

Digital Immigration Stamps Indonesia

The Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MLHR) recently issued regulation 28/2018 on Immigration Stamps (Regulation). The Regulations introduces the use of electronic immigration stamps (stickers), which include a QR code. The Regulation regulates the following types of Immigration stamps:

Entry Stamps

  1. Manual stamps, which are similar to the current stamps. These types of stamps are provided to the following individuals:
    1. Indonesian citizens;
    2. Children who hold dual nationality
    3. crew of ships, airplanes, and other types of transportation
    4. Foreigners holding a Service or Diplomatic Stay Permit;
    5. Holder of a Re-entry Permit (MERP);
    6. Cross-border foreign passport holders;
    7. Foreigners who enter Indonesian territory in an emergency, i.e:
  1. For humanitarian assistance in natural disaster areas within Indonesia;
  2. because their transportation vehicle (airplane, ship) has damaged the engine or bad weather, while their means of transport had no intention to stop in Indonesia.
  1. Electronic stamps/stickers are issued to foreigners who enter Indonesia using:
    1. Visa free visit;
    2. Visit visa;
    3. Visit visa upon arrival;
    4. APAC business travel card;
    5. Limited residence visa;
    6. Limited stay visa upon arrival;
    7. Limited stay visa upon arrival which also applies as a Re-entry Permit – for 1 month emergency work permits;
    8. Limited stay visa upon arrival for foreign workers – for normal short and long term work permit application;
    9. Limited stay visa for easing working while on vacation – this applies to Australian nationals, however in practice it is not implemented;
    10. Visa-free visits by diplomatic or service passport holders;
    11. Official or diplomatic visa

Exit Stamps, Denied Entry Stamps

The Exit Stamps and Denied Entry Stamps have not changed and will remain a manual stamp.

Stay Permit Stamp

The current stay permit stamp will be replaced with a digital stamp/sticker. There are the following types of digital stamps/stickers:

  1. stamp for extension of stay visit permit;
  2. stamp for extension of limited Stay Permit (ITAS) and Re-entry Permit (MERP);
  3. stamp of the granting and extension of Water Limited Stay Permit (DASUSKIM) and Re-entry Permit (MERP);
  4. stamp of giving permanent Stay Permit (ITAP);
  5. stamp of permanent Stay Permit (ITAP) with an unlimited period of time;
  6. stamp of granting a Re-entry Permit (MERP) for the holder of a permanent Stay Permit (ITAP);
  7. stamp of giving and extension of stay permit which is issued due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. due to damage of a ship or airplane);
  8. stamp of permission to leave the territory of Indonesia for holders of a limited Stay Permit (ITAS) and permanent Stay Permit (ITAP) who no longer live in the territory of Indonesia;
  9. stamp of revocation of immigration documents for Foreigners who obtain citizenship Indonesia or died;
  10. stamp of the provision of immigration facilities for children of dual nationality;
  11. stamp of list of crew of ships, airplanes, and other types of transportation; and
  12. return stamp

Stamps used for Immigration Actions

The deportation stamp has not changed and will remain a manual stamp.

At the time of writing, Immigration has not yet implemented the new stamps, however we assume these new stamps will be implemented shortly.

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