Document Requirements Limited Residence Permit Card (KITAS)

Document requirements KITAS

After the expatriate has obtained his or hers limited stay visa (better known at VITAS or VTT) at the embassy in the country of residence of the expatriate, the expatriate can enter Indonesia based on its limited stay visa (VITAS/VTT). Once entered into Indonesia, the expatriate can apply for its Limited Residence Permit Card (KITAS). Below we will discuss the documents required for such application.

Validity Period 

The validity period of the Limited Residence Permit Card (KITAS) depends on the validity period of the work permit (IMTA). A KITAS can be issued for:

  1. a period up to 6 months, in case of a temporary stay permit.
  2. a period of 7-12 months, in case of a long term stay permit.

For a more detailed explanation of the types of jobs above, please check our FAQ “what are the document requirements for IMTA?” and “What are the document requirements for RPTKA?“.

Based on the validity of the foreign manpower utilization plan (RPTKA) and work permit (IMTA), a Limited Residence Permit Card (KITAS) is issued for a maximum period of 12 months.

Document requirements 

The document requirements are as follows:

  1. Form of KITAS;
  2. Sponsor Letter from the sponsor company;
  3. Letter of Attorney from the sponsor company;
  4. Statement Letter from the sponsor company;
  5. Copy ID Card of the signatory of the sponsor letter;
  6. Original Passport of the expatriate;
  7. Copy of limited stay visa (VITAS/VTT);
  8. Copy of the foreign manpower utilization plan (RPTKA);
  9. Copy of the work permit (IMTA);
  10. Copy of receipt of DPKK (state development fund for the Indonesian work force);
  11. Domicile letter of Apartment or Local Village (only applies to renewal);
  12. Copy of Marriage Certificate in case the expatriate is married (optional); and
  13. Copy of Birth Certificate in case the expatriate has children (optional).