Foreign Lawyers Employment Simplified by Indonesian Government

Foreign Lawyers Employment by Local Law Firms Simplified

foreign lawyers IndonesiaRecently, PNB Immigration Law Firm provided a new immigration column to the business website indonesia-investments. In the column we discuss the new regulation from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, number 26 of 2017 regarding the Procedures and Requirements to Hire Foreign Lawyers and the Requirements for Pro-Bono Services in Research and Education (New Regulation).

The New Regulation applies to local law firms that intent to employ foreign lawyers in the position of foreign legal counsel. In order for a law firm to be eligible to hire foreign lawyers, it must fulfill certain requirements which we further discuss in the column. The main change in the New Regulation is that companies now only need to obtain an approval from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, whereas previously there were two additional approval required from other Government bodies. We also explain the obligations of a foreign lawyer to contribute to the Indonesian society by way of pro-bono services.

The full version of the column can be found at indonesia-investments.com.

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