Expatriate Work Permit Residence Permit Indonesia
Work Permit and Residence Permit

Notification - ITAS - ITAP

Required permits for expatriates who are intending to stay and work in Indonesia at a company domiciled in Indonesia

business visa visit stay permit Indonesia
Visit Permit

Busines Visa - Tourist Visa

Visit Permits are available to foreigners who are not intending to work in Indonesia, but are visiting for meetings, seminars, tourist purposes, etc.

document legalization Indonesia
Document Legalization

Notary - Embassy - Ministry

Legalization of documents, such as marriage certificates, birth certificates, diplomas, etc. at government bodies

Police clearance certificate Indonesia
Police Clearance

Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian

A police clearance certificate is issued by the Indonesian Police to proof "No-Criminal Activity" of a person in Indonesia

Immigration Lawyer Services
Immigration Lawyer Services

Legal Assistance - Litigation - Legal Advisory

Legal assistance in preparing legal documents, negotiations with authorities, litigation of deterrence and deportation cases and providing legal opinions

Guarantee citizenship by investment
Citizenship and Investment Immigration

Citizenship - Renouncement - Investment Immigration

Application of Indonesian citizenship for foreign nationals, renouncement of Indonesian citizenship and  citizenship or permanent residency in Cyprus