Manpower Audits of PT PMA by Ministry of Manpower

Mitigation of risks during Manpower Audits of PT PMA Companies in Indonesia

Manpower Audits PMA IndonesiaRecently, PNB Immigration Law Firm has provided an immigration column to the investment website indonesia-investments.com. In the column we discuss which documents are being checked at a PT PMA during manpower audits conducted by officials of the ministry of manpower. The documents to be checked can be divided in the following main categories:

  1. Documents related to the legality of the company, such as investment licenses, deed of establishment, etc.
  2. Documents related to working hours and resting hours of employees, such as overviews of absence and annual leave.
  3. Documents related to the employment of employees, such employment agreements.
  4. Documents related to wages and overtime.
  5. Documents related to social security of employees.
  6. Documents related to the use of foreign workers, such as work permit.

Any violation by the PT PMA may lead to severe sanctions towards the company, the directors and/or the foreign workers. Therefore it is essential all manpower related documents of a PT PMA are compliant to Indonesian legislation.

The full version of the column can be read at indonesia-investments.com.

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