Multiple entry visa: Purposes of Visit

multiple entry visa Indonesia

Foreigners use multiple entry visa for multiple trips to Indonesia during a period up to 5 years. During such period the foreigner is allowed to stay and travel in Indonesia for maximum 60 days per visit to Indonesia. After the foreigner leaves Indonesia the multiple entry visa remains valid and can the foreigner can use it again for a next visit to Indonesia. Foreign nationals can use the visa for the following purposes of visit:

  1. family visits;
  2. social purposes;
  3. art and culture related visits;
  4. performing administration tasks;
  5. performing business talks;
  6. performing purchasing activities;
  7. following seminars;
  8. following international exhibitions;
  9. attending meetings held with headquarters or offices in Indonesia; and
  10. continuing traveling to other countries.

The above mentioned purposes of visit do not include any work activities. For work activities a work permit (better known as IMTA) is required. For more information about a work permit in Indonesia, please click this link.