Document Legalization at Public Bodies in Indonesia

Document legalization is required when Indonesian official documents, issued by the Indonesian government, are to be used abroad for official purposes, often related to immigration procedures of Indonesian nationals who are intending to work / live in a country abroad. Indonesian documents need to be legalized by the Indonesian government. By legalizing a document, the Indonesian government confirms the legal status of the documents.

Types Documents That Require Legalization

Documents which are often required to be legalized are:

  1. Marriage certificate
  2. Education diploma
  3. Reference letter
  4. Police clearance
  5. Birth certificate
  6. Passport

Besides the documents mentioned above there are many other documents which may require document legalization, depending on the request from the country abroad.

Procedure of Document Legalization

The process for legalization depends on the type of document to be legalized. Document legalization generally consists out of multiple steps. By way of example, the legalization of a marriage certificate requires the legalization at the following bodies:

  1. The Ministry of Religious Affairs
  2. The Ministry of Law and Human Rights.
  3. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  4. The Embassy of the foreign country in Indonesia

Before legalization of the Indonesian marriage certificate at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the marriage certificate needs to be translated into English and/or the language of the country abroad by a sworn translator.

After the legalization by the Indonesian government bodies of both the Indonesian version and the English (and/or the language of the country abroad) version of the marriage certificate is completed, both versions of the marriage certificate need to be legalized by the embassy of the country where the documents are to be used.

Depending on the type of document legalization and the country abroad, the legalization of documents generally takes around 15 working days to process.