Police Clearance Certificate

A Police Clearance Certificate is a certificate which is issued by the police of in Indonesia and which is available to expatriates or local Indonesians who require a confirmation of their criminal status for emigration purposes outside Indonesia. It is often required by a country abroad to guarantee that the person does not have a criminal record in Indonesia. Without the certificate, persons are not able to obtain a visa or work permit in the such country abroad.

Document requirements

The document requirements for expatriates are:

  1. Copy Passport;
  2. Copy KITAS
  3. Copy Police Report (STM or SKLD)
  4. Form of Finger Print
  5. Application Letter and Letter of Attorney

The document requirements for Indonesian nationals are:

  1. Copy of ID Card (KTP)
  2. Copy of Passport
  3. Copy of Family Card (KK)
  4. Copy of Birth Certificate or Education Certificate
  5. Form of Finger Print
  6. Application Letter and Letter of Attorney

Procedure to Obtain a Police Clearance Certificate

The procedure police clearance involves two steps:

  1. Recommendation of Police Clearance in the Regional Province Police where the expatriate had stayed in Indonesia or based on the domicile for Indonesian people as stated in their Identity Card;
  2. Police Clearance in the Central Police of the Republic of Indonesia.