Single Entry Visa: Purposes of Visit

Single entry visa

A single entry visa is a visa which can be used by a foreigner for only one trip to Indonesia. Based on the single entry visa the foreigner is given a visit permit with a maximum validity period of 60 days. The visit permit can be extended for maximum 4 times, each extension 30 days, which shall be subject to approval from Immigration Office. The visit permit is issued for several purposes of visit:

  1. travelling / tourist purpose;
    2. family visits;
    3. social purpose;
    4. art and cultural visits;
    5. administration tasks;
    6. performance of non-commercial sports;
    7. conducting comparative studies, having short courses and short training programs;
    8. providing guidance, counseling and training in the application and industrial technological innovation to improve the quality and design of industrial products as well as overseas marketing cooperation for Indonesia;
    9. performing emergency and urgent work;
    10. performing journalism activities that have received permission from the competent authority;
    11. performing producer activities of a non-commercial film that has received permission from the competent authority;
    12. performing business talks;
    13. performing purchasing activities;
    14. giving lectures or attending seminars;
    15. following international exhibitions;
    16. attending meetings held with headquarters or offices in Indonesia;
    18. prospective foreign workers in their trial of their ability to work;
    19. continuing traveling to other countries; and
    20. joining with Transport Equipment located in the Territory of Indonesia.

The above mentioned purposes of visit do not include any work activities. For work activities a work permit (better known as IMTA) is required. For more information about a work permit in Indonesia, please click this link.