Validity Period Multiple Entry Business Visa Revised

Validity Period Multiple Entry Business Visa Increase to 5 years

validity period multiple entry visa indonesiaOn July 7, 2016, PNB Immigration Law Firm provided a new immigration column to the investment website indonesia-investments.com. In the column we discuss the amendment of the validity period of multiple entry business visas. Business travelers are using these kind of visas for the purpose of having business meetings in Indonesia.

Previously such visa expired 1 year after its issuance, however now Government Regulation no. 26 of 2016 regarding the amendment of Government Regulation No. 31 of 2013, increases the validity period to 5 years. During this period of 5 years, the business traveler can use the visa for staying in Indonesia for periods up to 2 months per visit.

The full version of the column can be read at indonesia-investments.com.

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