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Indonesian Immigration Publishes FAQ on Immigration Issues Related to Covid-19

On 19 April 2020, the Indonesian immigration has released a list of frequently asked questions about foreign stay permit (ITAS/ITAP) and visit permit (single and multiple entry) procedures in relation to the current Covid-19 crisis. In this article we will discuss the question and answers related to stay permits and visit visas for foreigners.


Emergency Stay Permit (ITAS/ITAP) and Visit Permits


  • Can Emergency Stay Permit be granted to a foreigner who is currently in Indonesia and whose stay permit or visit permit (based on a multiple entry or single entry visa) is still extendable? Yes, the Emergency Stay Permit is automatically granted to such foreigners. The foreigners are not required to report to or apply for the Emergency Stay Permit at the local immigration office.
  • In case a foreign holders of a stay permit are currently overseas and is therefore unable enter Indonesia to apply for extension, will they automatically receive an Emergency Stay Permit? No, these foreigners will not be granted an Emergency Stay Permit.
  • Can foreign holders of a Stay Permit who are currently overseas apply for extension of their permit at the foreign embassy in their current country of residency? No, they will not be able to extend their Stay Permit at the Indonesian Embassy in their current country of residency. In case their permit expires, the immigration system will automatically terminate their permit. These foreigners will then need to apply for new permits once the covid-19 travel restrictions have been lifted.
  • In case foreigners are unable to collect their limited stay visa (VTT) at the Indonesian Embassy abroad due to the covid-19 crisis, what will happen?The telex letter for VTT is valid for 60 days. In case foreigners are unable to obtain the VTT within this period, the VTT will be automatically cancelled. In such case foreigners will need to re-apply again.
  • What is the period of validity of the Emergency Stay Permit? The permit will remain valid until the Indonesian government declares the covid-19 crisis to be over.
  • Do overstay penalties apply for those foreigners who remain in Indonesia after their permit expires? No, these foreigners will be automatically granted an Emergency Stay Permit, and as such there will be no overstay penalty.
  • Will holders of an extendable Stay Permit (long term permit), who have received an Emergency Stay Permit, be able to apply for an extension of their long term permit after the covid-19 crisis is over? Yes this is possible, as long as the foreigner is still in Indonesia.
  • What kind of Stay Permit will foreigners receive who have been granted a work permit (notification) from the Ministry of Manpower, but have not yet received their permit? They will receive an Emergency Stay Permit
  • Will the Emergency Stay Permit invalidate the multiple entry visit visa? No, the multiple entry visit visa remains valid.
  • The single entry visit visa can be extended up to 4 times in Indonesia. In case the holder of a single entry visit visa receives an Emergency Stay Permit, will the holder still be able to apply for the extensions after the covid-19 crisis is over? Yes, this is still possible. A detailed regulation about this issue will be issued by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights after the covid-19 crisis is over.
  • In case foreigners have cancelled their stay permit (EPO), but are no longer able to leave Indonesia due to travel restrictions, will they be granted an Emergency Stay Permit? Yes they will, they are however no longer allowed to work in Indonesia as their work permits have been cancelled. Once the travel restrictions have been lifted they are required to immediately leave Indonesia.
  • When Emergency Stay Permit holders leave Indonesia, are they required to follow a certain procedure? A detailed regulation about this issue will be issued by the Ministry of Law and Human Rights in due time.


Services at Immigration Checkpoints (Airports, Harbors)


  • Can foreign holders of a Limited Stay Visa (VITAS / VTT) enter Indonesia? These foreigners can only enter Indonesia if they will perform for national strategic projects, which is proven by a letter of recommendation.
  • Are holders of a Stay Permit (ITAS) who wish to enter Indonesia, required to undergo a 14-day quarantine period in a Covid-19 free country as per Ministry of Law and Human Rights has issued Regulation Number 11 of 2020? Since almost all countries are affected by covid-19, the Directorate General of Immigration has adopted an additional internal policy, which allows foreign holders of a Stay Permit to enter Indonesia when the following requirements are fulfilled: 1) Health certificate or fit-to-fly certificate, 2) Statement letter that the foreigner is willing to undergo a 14-days self isolation or isolation at a facility of the Ministry of Health.


Immigration Visa Services Available During Covid-19 Crisis


  • Are foreigners still able to apply for a work visa or visit visa during the Covid-19 crisis? All visas services are suspended, except for diplomatic visas, service visas and temporary stay visas for workers in national strategic projects.
  • In case foreigners have obtained their limited stay visa (VTT) at the Indonesian Embassy abroad, can they still use this visa after the Covid-19 crisis is over? The VTT is valid for a period of 90 days. After it expires, the VTT will automatically be cancelled and the foreigners will need to apply for a new visa.


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