Electronic Immigration Stamps For Foreigners Implemented

Electronic Immigration Stamps Introduced by MLHR Regulation 28/2018

The Ministry of Law and Human Rights (MLHR) recently issued regulation 28/2018 on Immigration Stamps (Regulation). The Regulation introduces the use of electronic immigration stamps (stickers), which include a QR code. The Regulation regulates the following types of Immigration stamps:


Manual stamps, which are similar to the current stamps and which are provided to the following individuals:

  • Indonesian citizens;
  • Children who hold dual nationality
  • crew of ships, airplanes, and other types of transportation
  • Foreigners holding a Service or Diplomatic Stay Permit;
  • Holder of a Re-entry Permit (MERP);
  • Cross-border foreign passport holders;
  • Foreigners who enter Indonesian territory in an emergency, i.e: For humanitarian assistance in natural disaster areas within Indonesia or because their transportation vehicle (airplane, ship) has damaged the engine or bad weather, while their means of transport had no intention to stop in Indonesia

Electronic stamps/stickers are issued to foreigners who enter Indonesia using

  • Visa free visit;
  • Visit visa;
  • Visit visa upon arrival;
  • APAC business travel card;
  • Limited residence visa;
  • Limited stay visa upon arrival;
  • Limited stay visa upon arrival which also applies as a Re-entry Permit – for 1 month emergency work permits;
  • Limited stay visa upon arrival for foreign workers – for normal short and long term work permit application;
  • Limited stay visa for easing working while on vacation – this applies to Australian nationals, however in practice it is not implemented;
  • Visa-free visits by diplomatic or service passport holders;
  • Official or diplomatic visa


The Exit Stamps and Denied Entry Stamps have not changed and will remain a manual stamp.


The current stay permit stamp will be replaced with a digital stamp/sticker. There are the following types of digital stamps/stickers:

  • stamp for extension of stay visit permit;
  • stamp for extension of limited Stay Permit (ITAS) and Re-entry Permit (MERP);
  • stamp of the granting and extension of Water Limited Stay Permit (DASUSKIM) and Re-entry Permit (MERP);
  • stamp of giving permanent Stay Permit (ITAP);
  • stamp of permanent Stay Permit (ITAP) with an unlimited period of time;
  • stamp of granting a Re-entry Permit (MERP) for the holder of a permanent Stay Permit (ITAP);
  • stamp of giving and extension of stay permit which is issued due to unforeseen circumstances (e.g. due to damage of a ship or airplane);
  • stamp of permission to leave the territory of Indonesia for holders of a limited Stay Permit (ITAS) and permanent Stay Permit (ITAP) who no longer live in the territory of Indonesia;
  • stamp of revocation of immigration documents for Foreigners who obtain citizenship Indonesia or died;
  • stamp of the provision of immigration facilities for children of dual nationality;
  • stamp of list of crew of ships, airplanes, and other types of transportation; and
  • return stamp


The deportation stamp has not changed and will remain a manual stamp.