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Digital nomad remote working Indonesia Bali
Working as Digital Nomad in Indonesia

Bali has been a hot spot for digital nomads for many years now, and this will only increase after covid-19 border restrictions are lifted in the near future

deportation foreigner indonesia
Deportation from Indonesia: The complete guide for Foreigners

Deportation is one of the administrative sanctions which the immigration authority can impose on foreigners.

national strategic projects Indonesia work permit ITAS
National Strategic Projects Work Permits During Covid-19 in Indonesia

During the Covid-19 crisis, foreign workers working for the National Strategic Projects are exempted from the restriction which apply for regular work and stay permit (ITAS) holders.

Long term stay Indonesia - investor permit Single Entry Visa
Cheapest options to stay in Indonesia long term

Cheapest way to stay long term in Indonesia. The investor permit and single entry visa have both low recurring costs. Each comes with its own advantage.

Enter Indonesia covid-19 corona SEBV ITAS
How to Enter Indonesia During Covid-19

Options available for foreigner who would like to enter Indonesia during the covid-19 pandemic.

Work Permits for Projects in Indonesia

All foreigners who work on projects in Indonesia require a work permit and a stay permit (ITAS). Projects bring extra complexity to the application of work permits and stay permits (ITAS)

Covid-19 Indonesia – Travel Restrictions update

This article discusses the travel restrictions imposed by the Indonesian government due to the Corona virus (COVID-19). In case new information is made available by the government this article will be updated.

Working in Remote Areas in Indonesia

In these remote areas expats usually face more scrutiny from local authorities. This happens because local Immigration and Manpower offices handle a low number of expats.