PNB Contributes Indonesia Chapter to Reuters Immigration Guide 2019

Thomson Reuters Business Immigration Guide 2019

PNB Immigration Law Firm has updated the Thomson Reuters Business Immigration Guide for 2019. Due to major changes in the application procedures of work and stay permits since November 2018, we have made several amendments to the Immigration Report 2019. The full report can be read at the website of Thomson Reuters: Practical Law.

2019 has so far been the year of the actual implementation of major regulations issued in 2018, i.e.:

  • Presidential Regulation 20/2018 (please also read our related articles about the Presidential Regulation 20/2018);
  • Ministry of Manpower Regulation 10/2018 which is an implementing regulation of the Presidential Regulation from the Ministry of Manpower (please read also our related article about the MOM Regulation 10/2018); and
  • Ministry of Law and Human Rights Regulation 16/2018 which is the implementing regulation from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights / Immigration of the Presidential Regulation

We have incorporated all changes based on above regulations in our contribution to the Business Immigration Guide 2019.

A hard copy of the guide can also be downloaded by clicking the download button below.