Work Permit and Stay Permit

Foreigners who wish to work and stay in Indonesia can choose from various types of work permit and stay permit, depending on the type of job, qualifications, and preference.

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Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK)

The Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK) is a proof of a person’s criminal record in Indonesia, which is issued by the National Police

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Legalization or Attestation

Legalization and Attestation of documents at Indonesian government bodies and foreign embassies and consulates. Notarization of documents at an Indonesian Public Notary. Documents include marriage certificates, birth certificates, education certificates, police clearance certificates, and others.

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Business Visa & Tourist Visa

Business visas and tourist visas are available to foreigners who have no intention to work in Indonesia, but are only visiting Indonesia for meetings, seminars, leisure or similar activities

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Immigration Lawyer Assistance

PNB Immigration Law Firm’s experienced team of immigration lawyers is able to assist clients in a wide range of immigration issues

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Change of Citizenship Status

PNB Immigration Law Firm can assist clients in: Indonesian Citizenship Application, Renouncement of Indonesian Citizenship and Application of citizenship or permanent residency abroad

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