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Business Visa & Visit Visa

Business Visa & ViSit Visa Options in Indonesia

Foreigners who intend to enter and stay in Indonesia for purposes which are not considered “work activities” can apply for a visit permit. The majority of foreigners that are entering Indonesia are either entering on a business visa or on a tourist visa. Foreigners can also obtain a visit permit for a variety of other purposes of visit, including a social visa which allows stay in Indonesia for social purposes.

It is important to note that foreigners are not allowed to undertake any work activities in Indonesia without a work permit. This means that foreign business travelers are not allowed to work at desk outside a meeting room. For work activities foreigners require a work permit and stay permit (ITAS)

Our immigration lawyers and consultants help companies with the application of foreign worker business visas

Types of Business Visas and Tourist Visas

There are the following type of visit visas available for foreigners that intend to enter Indonesia for business or leisure:

1. Single Entry Business Visa

A Single Entry Business Visa (SEBV) is valid for a period of up to 60 days. The visa can be extended in-county for up to four times 30 days per extension. The extension requires the foreigner to attend a bio-metric session and interview at the local immigration office.  The visa is only valid for one entry only, and as soon the foreigner leaves Indonesia, the visa is invalidated.

2. Multiple Entry Business Visa

The Multiple Entry Business Visa (MEBV) has a validity of 12 months. When foreigners have obtained their MEBV sticker at the Indonesian embassy abroad they can enter and stay in Indonesia for a maximum continuous period 60 days. In contrast to the SEBV, this visa is not extendable in-country. After the foreigner leaves Indonesia, they can re-enter again for another 60 continuous days. This process can be repeated by the foreign traveler until the MEBV expires.

3. Visa on Arrival

The Visa on Arrival is valid for a period of 30 days and can be extended in-country once for a period of 30 days. The extension of the visa also requires a bio-metric session and interview at the local immigration office. The Visa on Arrival can be used for both business and leisure purposes. We do however recommend frequent business travelers or business travelers who are traveling to remote areas to obtain a single or multiple entry business visa.

4. Visa Exemption

Residents of 169 countries can enter Indonesia without needing an entry visa. The visa exemption is valid for a period of 30 days and is not extendable. We recommend visa exemption for leisure travelers only.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is a business visa holder allowed to check emails at the office of the client?

No, you are not allowed to check emails in your office, as this will be regarded as working. As business traveler it is best not to enter the office area and limit your activities to meetings only.

Q: We have no company in Indonesia, can we apply for a business visa for one of our employees?

Yes this is possible. The client can sponsor the business visa of foreign business travelers. In case the client is not willing to provide sponsorship, a third party domiciled in Indonesia can also provide sponsorship. 

Q: Do we need any other permits besides the business visa for our employees?

In case the foreigner visits locations outside Jakarta or Bali, the following additional permits or reports may be required:

  • a travel permit to visit the sites; and
  • The company may need to report the arrival of the foreign worker to the local police, manpower and immigration authorities