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Immigration Lawyer Assistance

Immigration Lawyer Deportation Investigation Indonesia
Immigration Lawyer types of assistance

PNB Immigration Law Firm’s experienced team of immigration lawyers is able to assist clients in a wide range of immigration issues, ranging from assistance in deportation cases to providing legal compliance advice to corporate clients. Our immigration lawyer services are divided into the following service areas:

  • Legal Assistance;
  • Litigation; and
  • Legal Advisory.

Our experienced team of immigration lawyers is fully specialized on immigration, and is capable to assist clients on highly sensitive and complex cases

Immigration Lawyer Service: Legal Assistance

Our firm provides legal assistance services for any kind of immigration matter, including:

  • Accompany clients to Indonesian authorities when clients are summoned to appear at immigration or the ministry of manpower for interrogation, to find out the person or company is violating any laws and regulations. Deportation means that the foreigner is being deported from the Indonesian territory. Deterrence means that the foreign will be refused to enter Indonesia for a limited or unlimited period of time.
  • Accompany clients during audits from Immigration or the Ministry of Manpower. Immigration or the Ministry of Manpower can perform labor inspections to confirm if expatriates or the company hiring the expatriates are not violating any laws or regulations. Our lawyers assist the clients in preparing all required documents and accompanying expatriates or local employees during interrogations by the immigration or manpower officials.
  • Preparing legal documents, such as application letter for the removal of deterrence, revocation of a deportation decision or any other documents related immigration matters.

Immigration Lawyer Service: Litigation

Our lawyers can assist clients in a multitude of litigation cases, including deportation cases, deterrence cases and investigations from the ministry of manpower or immigration. In addition, our firm has assisted clients as well in imprisonment cases and cases where the government imposed sanctions on companies.

When deterrence is imposed on a foreigner, such individual may not enter the Indonesian territory anymore, until the deterrence on such person is removed. The period of deterrence is determined on case-by-case bases and may be extended by Immigration. Our lawyers can assist clients in removing such deterrence. This may initially be done by way of revocation request letter to the directorate general of Immigration. When unsuccessful, the case can be brought to the administrative court by our lawyers.

Immigration Lawyer Service: Legal Advisory

PNB Immigration Law Firm provides a variety of legal immigration advisory services, including:

  • legal due diligence: our lawyers scrutinize all immigration documents and licenses of a company to confirm the company is working in compliance with all relevant manpower and immigration legislation;
  • legal opinions: our specialized team of immigration lawyers provides hands-on legal explanations and legal opinions for any kind of immigration queries.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My passport has been taken by immigration officers, what should I do now?

Local immigration will only confiscate a passport of a foreigner in case they suspect that the foreigner has violated the immigration rules. It is very important to engage an immigration lawyer at this stage, so that the lawyer can brief the client before having the interview with immigration. The interview is usually on the next working day, counted from the day the passport was confiscated by immigration.

Q: What are the consequences of deportation?

In case a foreigner is deported he will need to leave Indonesian territory immediately. If the foreigner is a holder of a work and stay permit, these permits will be invalidated, and can no longer be used. In case there is no re-entry ban (deterrence), the foreigner can re-enter Indonesia again at any given time, but will need to apply for a new work permit in case the foreigner will work in Indonesia again.

Q: What is the best way to prevent problems with authorities?

The general rule is: make sure all foreign worker licenses are up-to-date and compliant. In addition it is important to notify local authorities in remote areas if foreign workers or business visitors are traveling to these regions. This may be quite complex to manage, especially for larger teams. Our team can assist clients with managing the immigration movements of foreign workers to ensure 100% compliance.