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Urgent Work Assignment in Indonesia: 1 month

Urgent / Emergency Work and Stay Permit (ITAS) – 1 month

The one-month work permit stay permit (ITAS) is valid for a maximum period of 30 days. The permit cannot be extended. This permit is also often referred to as urgent or emergency permit, but it can also be used by companies for short-term projects which are completed within the 30 days validity period of the permit. The application procedure for this type of permit is faster than regular permits, and the application requirements are less stringent.

The one month work permit and stay permit (ITAS) has faster processing times and is cheaper to obtain. The perfect solution for short term engagements in Indonesia.

Who should apply for the urgent work permit and stay permit (urgent ITAS)

This type of work and stay permit is used for jobs which have an urgent or short-term nature. Examples of these projects are:

These types of jobs generally require the foreigner to be in Indonesia for only a few days or weeks to perform their work activities. As long the activities can be performed within the 30-day validity term of this type of work permit and stay permit, we recommend clients to opt for this permit.

What are the advantages of the urgent work permit and stay permit (urgent ITAS)

One-month work permit and stay permits have the following advantages:

  • Faster processing times. The application process for this type of work and stay permit is faster and straight-forward compared to the application procedure of regular permits. When time is of the essence, companies need to consider this permit.
  • Cheaper. Companies are only required to pay USD 100.00 for the manpower skill and development fund (DPKK).
  • Fewer Permits. For regular short term and long-term work permits and stay permits, the foreigners are required to obtain a Certificate of Temporary Residence (SKTTS) and Existence Report (L/K). For one month permits, the permits are not required.
  • No Cancellation Required. Upon expiry, the permits are automatically cancelled. The company is not required to initiate a cancelation procedure. Such procedure is required for regular permits.

Application procedure

The application procedure for the one-month work permit and stay permit (ITAS) consists out of three main steps as set out below. A detailed description of the permits and reports in each stage we have discussed in our general overview of work permit and stay permit.

Step 1. Work Permit from the Ministry of Manpower

Application of the work permit at the Ministry of Manpower. The steps following permits need to be obtained at the Ministry of Manpower:

  • RPTKA (Foreign Worker Placement Plan): An RPTKA for one month has a faster processing time than a regular RPTKA for short- and long-term assignments.
  • Notification (work permit): After the RPTKA is issued by the Ministry of Manpower, the company will need to apply for the notification. The Notification with a validity period of one month has a faster processing time than regular Notification for short- and long-term assignments.

Step 2. Stay Permit from Immigration

The one month stay permit (ITAS) application is processed by the Directorate General of Immigration (DGI), the immigration checkpoint at the airport upon entry into Indonesia and the local immigration office. The following visas and permits need to be obtained:

  • eVisa (Electronic Visa): After the notification process is completed, the company can apply for the eVisa at the DGI. Upon issuance, the foreigner can simple print the eVisa and enter Indonesia by showing this visa to the immigration authorities at the airport. 
  • ITAS (Stay Permit) and MERP (Re-entry Permit): Upon arrival in Indonesia, the foreigners will receive their stay permit (ITAS) and re-entry permit (MERP) at the immigration checkpoint at the airport.
  • e-ITAS (Electronic Stay Permit): A few days after the foreigners have received the stay and re-entry permit sticker in their passport, the local immigration office will issue the eITAS, in PDF format.

Upon entry into Indonesia, the foreigner can immediately start working without waiting for the issuance of the eITAS.

Step 3: Police Report for the Local Police

The last document which needs to be arranged for a one month work permit and stay permit is the police report (STM) at the local police office. Police report can be arranged while the foreigner has already started working in at the company Indonesia.