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SKCK - Police Clearance Certificate Procurement Indonesia


Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK) Explained

The Indonesian Police issues a police clearance certificate or Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian (SKCK) to Indonesian citizens and foreigners who have lived and worked or are currently working and living in Indonesia. The police clearance certificate is often used as one of clearance formalities required when applying for a working or studying visa, filing for a permanent residency, obtaining an airport clearance for foreign pilots or getting naturalization in a foreign country.

The Bureau of Intelligence and Security (Baintelkam) of the Indonesian Police Headquarters (MABES) is the authorized party to issue the PCC based on some necessary steps of criminal verification recorded in their system. The Police Clearance is issued in Bilingual language (Indonesia and English language) and valid for six (6) months.

The Indonesian PCC can both be obtained by Indonesian citizens and foreign citizens as long as all required documentations are submitted. The submission process may also be delegated to a third party in case the applicant is unable to process it personally.


Common Reasons of Rejection of Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK)

1. The inability to record fingerprints at the Police office.

In case applicants stay abroad, they may experience difficulties in recording their fingerprint. Often local police offices do not provide assistance for fingerprint recording. As the form must be authorized and
signed, we suggest the applicants then to perform the fingerprinting at a private fingerprint agency or local notary.

Once the fingerprint form is completed, the original form is one of the mandatory requirements for submitting the application of the Police Clearance Certificate (SKCK).

2. Former company in Indonesia where the expatriate previously worked at is unable to sign and issue the sponsor letter

As the expatriate’s existence in Indonesia is guaranteed and sponsored under an Indonesian company, the Indonesian Police Headquarters (MABES) obliges the company to sponsor the expatriate’s PCC application. Some companies, unfortunately, are unable to issue the sponsor letters due to their internal policy. In respond to this, employment certificate / letter confirming the period of employment of expatriate could serve as an alternative to replace the sponsor letters.

3. The absence of work permit or stay permit record

In order to apply for a police clearance certificate, foreigners must show a copy of their work permit (IMTA/Notifikasi) and/or stay permit (ITAS/ITAP) for the period they resided in Indonesia. Often foreigners
do not keep a copy of these documents. However, these are mandatory documents for the PCC application Foreigners can reach out to their (former) company and ask for a copy. In case the company is no longer keeping any record , or, in a situation where applicant never obtained a work or stay permit, the police will reject the application.

As an alternative solution for foreigners who cannot meet the minimum application requirements, PNB Immigration Law Firm issue a statement letter which explains why the foreigner was unable to apply for the police clearance certificate. This statement letter is usually accepted by foreign authorities in lieu of a police clearance certificate.

To save time and money, it important to have all documents analyzed by an agent before starting the application. You may consult with our team for further guidance.

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