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Work Authorization for Sports Events and Concerts

Work and Stay Permit for Sports Events and Concerts

When an international sports event or a concert of a foreign artist is organized in Indonesia, usually a large number of foreign personnel will enter Indonesia and perform specific activities in relation to the event or concert. Examples of foreigners working at sports events are athletes, coaches, doctors, event organizers, operations staff, and others. Examples of foreigners working at concerts are artists, make-up artists, light and sound technicians, managers and others. Depending on the exact type of activities they will perform, they will either require a work permit or a business visa.

Sports events and concerts are usually accompanied by a large number of foreign workers, who all require a work permit or business visa

Work Permit for Foreigners Working at a Sporting Event or Concert

Most foreign personnel who will perform activities at the sports event or concert will require a work permit. A work permit must be sponsored by a local entity in Indonesia, which is active as impresario agency as regulated by article 1 (12) of Manpower Regulation 10/2018. Since the organizers of these events usually do not an entity in Indonesia, they can engage with a third-party impresario agency that is willing to sponsor the foreign personnel. Our firm is able to assist clients with providing third-party impresario agency sponsorship as we have set-up cooperations with various trusted impresario agencies.

Type of Work Permit

Since sports events and concerts are only for a short duration, a one-month work permit is sufficient in most cases. The one-month work permit is the work permit with the shortest duration for foreigners working in Indonesia. The process of application is relatively fast and straight forward as compared to the longer-term work permits.

Application procedure

The procedure for the arrangement of a one month work permit for sports events or concerts is slightly different than the procedure of a standard one-month work permit. The procedure is as follows:

Step 1: Application of Work Permit at the Ministry of Manpower

The first step in the application at the Ministry of Manpower is the application of the Foreign Worker Placement Plan (RPTKA) by the Indonesian impresario company. For this application the following documents must be prepared:

  • Cooperation agreement between the international event organizer and the Indonesian impresario company;
  • A recommendation letter from the Ministry of Sport (in case of a sports event) or from the Ministry of Tourism (in case of a concert);
  • The list of job titles to be used by the foreign personnel, artists or sports athletes. These job titles must be in line with the job titles provided by the Ministry of Manpower Regulation number 228/2019. However if the specific job titles are not mentioned in this regulation the Ministry of Manpower officials my approve alternative job titles on case-by-case basis; and
  • A statement letter which states that the foreigners are employed and insured.

After the RPTKA is issued, the impresario company will apply for the work permit of each foreigner (notification).

Step 2: Application for Stay Permit and Police Permit

The application of the stay permit (ITAS/MERP) and police permit follow the standard procedure. Once the eVisa is issued by the Directorate General of Immigration, the foreigners can directly enter Indonesia. They will receive their stay permit (ITAS) and multiple re-entry permit (MERP) on arrival at the immigration checkpoint at the airport.

Upon entry intro Indonesia, the foreign personnel can immediately start working for the event. The immigration agent will in parallel arrange the police report (STM) at the local police office. The foreigners are not required to attend during this application process.

Business Visa for Foreigners at a Sporting Events or Concerts

Business visas are only allowed in case foreigners join the sporting event or concert to have business meetings with clients or perform training to certain staff members. In most cases the activities under a business visa are too restricted, hence a work permit is required.