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Visa for machine installation and repair services in Indonesia

Visa for machine installation and repair services in Indonesia

Machine installation and repair
Special visa for machine installation and repair services

Following the guidelines set by the Minister of Law and Human Rights (MOLHR) Regulation No. 22 of 2023, the Directorate General of Immigration, has introduced a new visa category, the C20 Visa. This visa is specifically tailored for individuals engaged in machine installation and repair services in Indonesia. This visa’s introduction has sparked varying viewpoints among immigration and manpower officials regarding the implementation of the regulation.

Is the C20 Visa a Game-Changer Over Short-Term Work Permits?

With Indonesia’s industrial and manufacturing sectors witnessing rapid expansion, there’s a corresponding surge in demand for foreign experts skilled in installing and repairing factory machinery. Often, these machines are sourced internationally, prompting Indonesian companies to rely on foreign expertise, typically through short-term work permits lasting from one week to one month.

Given the urgency of their expertise and the brevity of their visits, companies often question the necessity of procuring short-term work permits, which can be cumbersome and time-consuming to obtain.

This visa permits:

  • Engaging in activities related to machine installation and repair services in Indonesia, tied to the purchase of machinery from overseas.
  • Participating in tourism and visiting friends or relatives.

However, despite facilitating activities related to machinery services, the C20 Visa imposes certain restrictions:

  • Overstaying the permit, engaging in unauthorized activities, violating visa conditions, or contravening Indonesian laws, could lead to fines or deportation.
  • Restricting the sale of goods or services unless essential for participation in MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions) or Trade Fairs.
  • Disallowing receipt of compensation or wages from individuals or entities within Indonesia.
  • Prohibiting formal employment with Indonesian individuals or corporations.

Diverse Perspectives within Immigration Authorities on c20 VISA FOR MACHINE INSTALLATION AND REPAIR SERVICES

While the C20 Visa appears promising as an alternative to short-term work permits, many immigration officers view machine installation and repair as hands-on work requiring work permits. Consequently, these activities necessitate further clarification from local immigration offices due to inconsistencies between regulations and on-the-ground implementation.

In light of this ambiguity, it’s advisable to pursue work and stay permits rather than relying on the C20 Visa. For personalized guidance or more information, clients can contact our firm directly.